ASNT Expands Reach with New Houston Facility: Enhancing NDT Training and Certification Opportunities

22 May 2023

(Columbus, OH) The American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) announces the establishment of the ASNT Houston facility, which will offer nondestructive testing (NDT) training courses, computer-based certification testing, and a laboratory for in-house practical examinations. The opening of ASNT Houston aligns with ASNT’s Strategic Plan, particularly Pillar #1: Expand and improve our certification portfolio and Pillar #5: Implement a Regional Growth Strategy. 

“ASNT’s headquarters has not moved to Houston,” said Paul Lang, ASNT Certification Services LLC Executive Director. “The new facility represents a transformative approach to serving the NDT industry. The choice of location was deliberate, considering Houston’s location being the epicenter of ASNT’s largest industry—oil and gas—while also being a major hub for other industries, including aerospace and infrastructure.“ 

Apart from housing computer-based testing and practical examination laboratories, the facility will serve as a venue for in-person certification preparation courses. Initially, ASNT NDT Level III courses will be available, with future plans to broaden the offerings to include Level II, ASNT 9712, and ISQ coursework. In addition, the facility will host outreach events such as NDT demonstrations and community gatherings in collaboration with local trade schools, high schools, and the ASNT Greater Houston Section. 

About ASNT 

ASNT is the association for nondestructive testing (NDT) professionals committed to making the world a safer place. NDT professionals detect irregularities, flaws, and defects in materials, components, and structures that could compromise an object's safety, reliability, or functionality. Established in 1941, ASNT supports members with certifications, professional development, industry insights, advocacy, events, publications, and networking opportunities and is focused on fostering the growth of future generations of NDT professionals through the ASNT Foundation. Serving more than 22 000 members and certificate holders worldwide, ASNT is the largest technical society for NDT professionals. ASNT is based in Columbus, Ohio, with offices in Houston, Texas, and Chennai, India. 


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