Important Announcement: Update to ACCP and CWI/SCWI Certificate Program

15 June 2023

ASNT Certification Services LLC recently completed the development and launch in March 2023 of its new ASNT 9712 certification program. This program is the next phase of our existing ACCP program. With the launch of the ASNT 9712 program, we have begun the notification and transition process for individuals currently in the ACCP program. 


As of 15 May 2023, we no longer accept applications for new (first-time applicants) for the ACCP program. Additionally, as of 30 August 2023, we will no longer renew existing ACCP-certified personnel. Current ACCP-certified individuals will need to renew under the ASNT 9712 program requirements. Once this occurs, the transition period will run to September 2028. At that time, we will sunset the ACCP program.

What does this mean for you as an ACCP-CWI/SCWI certificate holder?

The transition of ACCP into the ASNT 9712 certification program has created a gap between the ASNT 9712 VT certification and the American Welding Society (AWS) CWI/SCWI program requirements. Though we have been working on a gap analysis between the current CWI/SCWI program and the ASNT 9712 program, it has been a challenging task, and it has become apparent that it will not be completed by the established cutoff date listed above. With this misalignment, we would no longer be able to provide a VT certification within our programs to CWIs/SCWIs.


ASNT and AWS see value in this program for its members and do not wish to see the program sunset. WE have partnered with AWS to create a task group to address the misalignment of requirements and the steps needed to maintain and expand this almost 20-year program between our organizations.


With the ongoing collaborative effort between our two organizations, we have approved a 24-month extension beginning 1 July 2023 of a restricted ACCP Level II VT certification using your CWI/SCWI certificate. The extension provides extra time for the task group from both organizations to develop the implementation process for this program. 


During this 24-month extension, we will accept CWI/SCWI new and renewal applications for ACCP Level II VT certification using your CWI/SCWI certificate. We have also asked AWS to inform its membership about the program status change as described above. 



We look forward to our organizations working together to ensure the continuation of this program in the future. If you have any questions, email