ASNT 9712 Program

This program certifies NDT personnel through examination to the highest standard. It offers third-party certifications, including performance demonstration, and supports qualification requirements as per SNT-TC-1A and ANSI/ASNT CP-189. It promotes national and international recognition of NDT certification and can be used within employer-based programs.

ASNT 9712 requires the successful completion of examinations in any of the four NDT test methods available: MT, PT, UT, and RT. VT will follow soon. Level II is attainable in individual techniques within a test method or may cover all techniques. Practical examinations for ASNT 9712 certification will be conducted at the ASNT Houston facility. More locations may be added later.

For users located in India, visit to sign up for 9712 examinations

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Level II examinations include:

  • General Written Examination: covers fundamentals, principles, and theory of the method. 
  • Specific Written Examination: covers specific applications of the test method in accordance with codes and standards used in the applicable industry sectors. 
  • Practical Examination: applicants must demonstrate the ability to perform the test method and technique on specimens containing known defects. 
  • Instruction Preparation: applicants must prepare written instructions for the test method. 

Level II Application   Exam Preparation

Level II Fee Structure

Level III examinations include:

  • Basic Examination: covers certification processes, materials and processes, and general knowledge of other NDT test methods.
  • Basic Supplemental Examination: covers additional knowledge of examination requirements according to ISO 9712:2021: Non-destructive testing — Qualification and certification of NDT personnel. NDT Methods: RT, UT, MT, PT, and VT (coming soon).
  • Method Examination: covers specific knowledge of the test method.
  • Practical Examination: applicants must demonstrate their ability to perform the method on test samples containing known defects.
  • Procedure Preparation: Examination: applicants are required to write an NDT procedure based on a supplied NDT standard. 

Level III Application   Exam Preparation

Level III Fee Structure


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Retake Policy

If you fail one or more Level II or Level III exam element (e.g. general, specific, practical, etc.), you can retake the failed element as follows:

After Initial Attempt

  • Wait 30 days.
  • Retake the failed practical exam or computer-based exam element.

After Retake Attempt

  • Complete organized training of at least 1 day (minimum 7 hours).
  • Wait 90 days.
  • Retake the failed practical exam or computer-based exam element. 

After Second Retake Attempt

  • Wait six months.
  • Reapply to take all (computer-based and practical) exams again. 


The retake policy is in alignment with the ASNT 9712 program document. Review Section 8.5 for complete reexamination details.