Certification Questions

Common questions about the online application process for ASNT certification.

What are the benefits of the MyCert online application process?

MyCert offers a secure and convenient platform for submitting your exam or renewal application and payment online. It streamlines the certification administration process, providing benefits such as:

  • Single sign-on functionality.
  • Tracking application status, renewal points, and certification standing.
  • Minimizing errors when completing application documentation.
  • providing real-time information and added self-service options on the user’s account.

Is the online application process available to all applicants?

Absolutely! Through the MyCert portal, applicants can complete both new certification applications and the renewal of existing certifications across ASNT programs.

Renewal procedures differ by program and are offered either by exam or the points system. Learn about the renewal requirements for each program on the Recertification page.

How do I begin the application process?

To begin the online application process, log in to the MyCert portal. ASNT members receive reduced prices on their certification application. To receive this reduced price, you must join/renew prior to beginning the application. ASNT membership is not required for certification.

  • If you are new to ASNT, you will need to create an account.
  • If you are not new to ASNT but have never logged into asnt.org, you will need to reset your password.
  • If you are an existing ASNT customer and having difficulty logging in, please contact customer support at customersupport@asnt.org or call 614-274-6003 to assist you in reestablishing your account.

Do I need to send payment when I complete the online registration?

Payment must be received in full before the application is reviewed and processed, including any outstanding balances or late fees. MyCert accepts credit cards and allows you to submit the application without payment if you plan to pay via wire transfer or check. All payments must be made in US currency and by checks drawn from a US bank. Applicants are responsible for all taxes, banking, and other service fees, including all applicable withholding taxes.

If you choose to pay later, be aware that the application will only be held for 15 business days (3 calendar weeks). Beyond this timeframe, the application will be discarded, necessitating a restart of the application process. You will receive an email with a proforma invoice number to reference when sending in your payment. You can also find the proforma invoice and payment receipt within the MyCert portal.

View the payment method information sheet for details on completing payments, including more details on paying by electronic/wire transfer.

How much does it cost to get certified under each program?

The fees for all of our certification programs are available in the program pricing document.

Member Discount

ASNT members receive reduced prices on their certification application. To receive this reduced price, you must join/renew prior to beginning the application. ASNT membership is not required for certification.

Military Financial Aid

Military candidates may qualify for financial support to cover ASNT exam expenses through the GI Bill. To initiate this process, submit a claim using the VA FORM 22-0830 with all the required supporting documentation. For more information, visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website.

How does a candidate get a receipt of the certification application?

A candidate can obtain copies of certification receipts in the MyCert portal. Receipts will also be emailed immediately after the purchase.

What materials are required to submit an online application?

Login to the MyCert portal to complete the online application, including the upload of any required documents. Be prepared to complete and upload all pertinent documentation, such as employment/work history, education diplomas, transcripts, and certifications.

If you received notice from ASNT that you need to provide additional documentation, login to the MyCert portal to upload the requested additional materials.

All documentation must be in English or accompanied by an English translation.

Can I save my application and return to it later if needed?

Yes, the application will be saved where you left off, allowing you to return and complete it at your convenience. However, to submit the application, all required fields must be completed, necessary documentation uploaded, and fees paid.

Once the application is submitted, how are the examinations scheduled?

After you submit your application, it will undergo a review to ensure you meet the qualification requirements. You will then receive an email from ASNT with detailed instructions on how to schedule exams. You can also schedule exams through the MyCert portal.

Exams are administered at Pearson Vue exam centers, and approved ASNT locations. For more information on testing location, visit the Exam Delivery page.

Is providing a photo necessary for the certification?

A photo is not required for all certification programs. Refer to the specific certification’s program document for details on photo requirements. 

For those that do require a photo, A color photo in file format JPG (preferred), GIF or PNG are accepted. All other formats will be rejected.

What happens if the requirements are not met, or a candidate wishes to withdraw their application?

If a candidate does not meet the specified requirements, ASNT will send an email to the candidate. Candidates may request a refund, with the refund amount subject to a processing fee per exam method.

If a candidate wishes to withdraw their application, they must formally submit a written request to certification@asnt.org, and they are required to provide a reason for the withdrawal. ASNT will charge a processing fee per exam method.

How can a candidate prepare for the exam?

To prepare for the exam, candidates may explore the recommended exam preparation and study materials specific to their chosen certification program. Additionally, they can review ASNT Education and Certification Prep resources to further support their certification preparation efforts.

How long does a candidate have to take an exam?

After receiving the approval letter from ASNT, candidates are granted 12 consecutive months to schedule and take the exam. Failing to meet this timeline will invalidate the application, necessitating candidates to reapply.

When does the candidate obtain certification?

Candidates attain certification upon successfully passing all the required exams (computer-based and practical, when applicable) for their chosen certification program, provided there are no deficiencies in their application and payment.

When does the candidate receive a digital badge?

Upon successful completion of the exam and the approval of your application, you can expect to receive a digital badge via email within approximately 4 to 6 weeks after the exam results are processed and your record updated. For more information on digital badges and how to download a certificate, visit the Digital Badges page

Your certification can also be verified by searching the certificate holder directory.

Want to print a certificate or wallet card?

Generate a PDF certificate or wallet card by opening your badge via your unique link or BadgetCert Portfolio. ISQ holders do not have a certificate or wallet card. With the implementation of digital badges, ASNT no longer offers hard copy certificates by mail.

If a candidate fails an exam, how soon can they reapply and retest?

In the event that a candidate does not pass an exam, they may choose to reapply and retest. The timeline and procedures for retaking exams depend on the specific program applied to. Review the corresponding program document for details. Candidates are unable to sit for the exam again until they receive a new approval letter to retest from ASNT.   

How do I request test accommodation for my upcoming examination?

We provide appropriate arrangements for individuals who demonstrate a documented need. Test accommodations are individualized, so we consider them on a case-by-case basis in partnership with our testing partner, PearsonVUE. To initiate the process, submit your accommodation request via email to certification@asnt.org, and we will work to provide you with appropriate arrangements for your examination.

Who is PearsonVUE?

PearsonVUE is a trusted ASNT partner that facilitates computer-based testing for all our certification programs worldwide. Utilizing the world's most extensive and secure network of test centers, PearsonVUE conducts exams in over 175 countries, ensuring a reliable and accessible testing experience for ASNT candidates across the globe.

What forms of identification (ID) are acceptable to provide at the time of admission?

Before your exam appointment, carefully review the PearsonVUE ID requirements. At the time of admission, you are required to present two forms of ID:

  1. A primary government-issued ID with name, recent recognizable photo, and signature.
  2. A secondary ID with a name and signature or name and recent recognizable photo.

All IDs must be original (no photocopies) and valid (not expired), including matching name and signature.

The exam center staff will cross-reference the name on your ID with the name in the system (matching your ASNT account). If there are discrepancies, please contact ASNT Certification Services at least 72 hours prior to the exam to update your record. The name on your ID must match exactly, no exceptions. If your ID is expired or the name does not match at the time of the exam, you will forfeit the exam fee.

What can I expect on test day?

  • Arrival: Arrive at the test center 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, you may be refused admission and exam sitting fees may be forfeited.
  • Check-in: During check-in, you will be required to take a photo and provide a signature, prior to beginning the exam.
  • Calculator: ASNT Certification Services will supply you with a scientific calculator for use during the exam. Please refrain from bringing your own calculator and review the calculator guide prior to the exam.
  • Language: All ASNT exams are administered in written US English. There are five languages available in the online exam dictionary: Arabic, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, and British English. ASNT does not guarantee perfect context matching for translations in the certification exam.
  • Online Resources: PearsonVUE has online resources with tips on how to prepare for test day, including a CBT tutorial and practice exam.

How can I change my exam appointment?


To reschedule your exam appointment, log in to the MyCert portal (My Exams section) or call PearsonVUE at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.


To cancel your exam appointment, log in to the MyCert portal (My Exams section) or call PearsonVUE at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

Rescheduling or canceling less than 48 hours before your appointment will result in forfeiting your certification and exam fees. Ensure that you receive a confirmation email from PearsonVUE confirming the requested change.