About the ASNT NDT Level II Program

The ASNT NDT Level II certification program was developed to provide standardized Level II written examinations that employers may use to satisfy the general and specific examination guidelines of paragraphs 8.3 and 8.4, respectively, of Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A.

The general written examination is a two-hour, 50-question, multiple-choice examination addressing fundamentals, principles, and theory found in the applicable Level II Topical Outlines found in the ANSI/ASNT American National Standard CP-105: ASNT Standard Topical Outlines for Qualification of Nondestructive Testing Personnel. The general examination for each test method is applicable to all industry sectors. Personnel holding a currently valid ASNT NDT Level II certificate are not required to retake the general examination in that test method when adding industry sectors.

The specific written examination is a two-hour, 40-question, multiple-choice examination based on an NDT procedure covering the equipment, operating processes, and NDT techniques that a Level II might encounter while performing NDT tasks in the applicable industry sector. These NDT procedures were developed by ASNT NDT Level IIIs who work in the applicable industry sector and are based on codes, standards, and specifications commonly used in that sector.

Candidates applying for initial certification must take both the general examination and at least one specific examination in each test method for which certification is sought. Candidates may take the General Industry or the Pressure Equipment Specific examination, or if they seek certification in both industry sectors, they may take both sector-specific examinations. Personnel retaking failed examinations or adding an industry sector may take only those examinations required to complete that certification. Passing the general and at least one specific examination will result in the issuance of an ASNT NDT Level II certificate, which attests that the certificate holder has successfully completed ASNT Level II general and specific examinations in the NDT method(s) and industry sectors indicated on the certificate.

Employers should review the ASNT NDT Level II program document to determine whether or not these examinations meet the requirements of their company’s Written Practice. Employers are responsible for administering the visual acuity, practical and any job-specific examinations required by their Written Practice to complete the certification process.