Bahrain (Coming Soon)

PIC QCCO is ASNT's Agent in the country of Bahrain

As an Agent, PIC QCCO will assist you in:

Understanding ASNT’s certification requirements and documentation

PIC QCCO is available to answer questions or assist in any issues in your certification application in your own time zone. They will assist ASNT in the validation of information included in your application that will result in faster turnaround in the application process.

Provide information about our programs in your native language on their website

PIC QCCO’s website includes valuable information in your native language. You can apply for your certification from PIC QCCO’s website and take advantage of translated documents and instructions provided by PIC QCCO.

Making payment to ASNT in US dollars

ASNT’s new online application will give you an option to make payment to PIC QCCO directly, and they will remit payment to ASNT on your behalf. This will save you on certain fees associated with payment. Just select PIC QCCO as your third-party payer during checkout, and you will receive information on how to submit your payment.

As a Practical Exam Center:

PIC QCCO can deliver ASNT practical examination required under the ACCP program at their facilities. Candidates should schedule their practical exams directly with PIC QCCO.

Contact Information

Road 1910, Block: 319, Building: 322
Al Hoora District

Contact: Mohsen Hassanein
Phone: +973-3637-8450
Email: or