ASNT NDT Level III Renewal Point Documentation

Below are examples of typical documentation for each of the points categories. Similar documentation that is submitted will be considered on an individual basis.

This table should serve as an overview for you. For complete information about point renewals, please download the complete definitions and requirements for certification renewal.



Typical Documentation

A1 Teaching NDT courses for which academic credit or IACET accredited CEUs ARE given:
Training course outlines showing the NDT subject and number of classroom/contact hours and a copy of an IACET CEU certificate with your signature as the instructor. For academic courses, a copy of the course description (from a school course catalog, etc.) showing the subject, hours, and you as the instructor.
A2 Teaching NDT courses for which academic credit or IACET accredited CEUs are NOT given:
Training course outlines showing the NDT subject and number of training hours. A copy of a student's training documentation that would be placed in their company personnel certification file is satisfactory as long as the hours, subject and your name as instructor is shown.

A maximum of 16 points may be claimed in Category A

B Additional classroom or computer-based NDT training.(Documentation must include number of contact hours and verification of successful completion.) Evidence of completion such as transcripts, certificates, diplomas, grades, etc., which denotes contact hours or CEUs issued, the course subject, and your participation.
C Authoring or coauthoring technical NDT presentations at local technical society or national meetings. (To receive credit, the individual must have contributed at least 50% of the content.) Meeting notices, published programs, or correspondence on company or society letterhead, which identify the meeting, presentation title, presenter/author’s name, and date.
D Attending technical sessions, seminars or panels at local ASNT Section or at NDT-related national meetings.
Registration forms, trip reports, certificates of attendance, correspondence, or other positive evidence of attendance. This must denote activity title, date, location, and content.
E Preparing and publishing an original NDT-related peer-reviewed paper or full article in a technical society publication. (To receive credit, the individual must have contributed at least 20% of the content.)
The first page of a published paper is adequate, provided the title, the author(s) name(s), and the name and date of the publication appear.
F Authoring short technical tips in the ASNT NDT Technician Newsletter or other NDT-related technical publication.
A copy of the page showing the published technical tip with your name on it as the author or a copy of an email from the editor stating that you did submit a tip that was used.
G Development and technical review of ASNT publications An email from the appropriate ASNT Editor attesting that you have performed the development work or technical review being claimed.

NOTE: You must request such documentation; it will not be generated automatically.
H Documented NDT contributions to NDT-related technical society committee projects.
Committee meeting minutes or memoranda, correspondence, letter reports, or other evidence that identifies your role in completing committee projects is acceptable.
I Other non-ASNT third-party technical certifications such as CWI, API, NACE, ASQ, etc.
Copies of currently valid NDT-related certifications. Note: If a certification body issues individual certificates for each NDT test method, only one such certificate will be accepted from that cert body for each Level of qualification. Certificates issued by the same cert body but for different applications (such as API 653, 510, or 570 certs) would each count as a separate certification.
J Membership in the American Society for Nondestructive Testing
Copies of your ASNT membership cards showing the dates or membership, a copy of the receipt for payment of membership for specific years, or written or email confirmation by an ASNT staff member will be accepted.
K Serving as ASNT Certification Services LLC trained Monitor or Assistant Monitor at ASNT examinations. A copy of the agreement between ASNT Certification Services LLC and the Monitor (or Assistant Monitor) is acceptable.
L Performance of external NDT audits
A letter from a responsible agent of the third-party that was audited attesting that the applicant performed an NDT audit is acceptable. (Audit materials are by nature confidential and are not wanted and will NOT be accepted).
M Receiving a patent for an NDT-related product A copy of a new or renewed patent for an NDT product is acceptable provided it was granted or renewed within the current five-year certification period.