About ASNT Certification Services LLC

On 1 July 2021, ASNT formed the ASNT Certification Services LLC, a nonprofit limited liability company that manages and operates the certification and accreditation programs of the Society. ASNT Certification Services provides oversight for all ASNT Certification programs, ASNT’s Employer-Based Certification (EBC) Audit Program and the Industry Sector Qualification – Oil & Gas (ISQ – O&G) program. As a subsidiary nonprofit under ASNT, it maintains its own policies, operating budgets, and financial records while sharing ASNT staff and office space. ASNT Certification Services functions under a Board of Managers composed of ASNT Board members and Society members.

ASNT Certification is the most recognized credential for NDT and has been the standard for the nondestructive testing industry for nearly a half century. Getting certified with ASNT provides industry recognition, career advancement opportunities, and confidence in your inspection abilities.

The ASNT EBC Audit Program secures NDT personnel certification compliance and ensures proper oversight of your employer-based NDT certification programs with ASNT’s Audit Program. Having an accreditation from ASNT gives your company a competitive advantage, recognition, standardization, and a cost reduction through fewer site visits.

The ISQ Program is an advanced practical qualification exam for the oil and gas industry sector. The program was created in collaboration with the oil and gas industry owner/operators to provide hands-on qualification exams. The ISQ program standardized performance demonstration alleviates the burden of owner/operators and establishes an industry recognized program minimizing costs and redundant testing.

ASNT Certification Services LLC are committed to impartiality in certification activities. ASNT Certification Services LLC understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its certification activities and managing conflicts of interest.  This is accomplished by top management and all persons involved in certification activities—including ASNT Certification Services LLC staff and member volunteers—through compliance to ASNT's structure, policies, and procedures related to certification activities.

Board of Managers

Board of Managers

ASNT Certification Services, LLC manages and operates ASNT’s certification and accreditation programs. The LLC is managed by a Board of Managers appointed by the ASNT Board of Directors, composed of ASNT Board members and Society members.

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Certification Programs

For nearly half a century, ASNT’s certification programs have set the standard for the nondestructive testing industry. For employers, an ASNT certification serves as an impartial validation of the competence of NDT personnel in the field.

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ISQ Program

The Industry Sector Qualification – Oil & Gas (ISQ – O&G) program is an advanced practical qualification exam that provides the oil and gas industry with NDT personnel who have demonstrated competency in the practical application of a specific technique through a hands-on performance demonstration of a qualification examination(s). Current ISQ exams include UT Thickness and UT Shear Wave.

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Accreditation Programs

ASNT’s Employer-Based Certification (EBC) and Authorized Exam Centers (AEC) accreditation programs promotes consistent quality and excellence. Accreditation is a distinguishing accomplishment that you can promote to your customers and within the NDT community

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