Code of Ethics Violations

Submittal Process for ASNT Certification Code of Ethics Violations

There are two categories of alleged violations related to the ASNT Certification Services LLC Code of Ethics that may be addressed by the Certification Management Committee’s (CMC) Ethics Violations Subcommittee.

Formal and Informal Complaints

These are defined as:

  • formal charges made upon oath by any person submitted in writing to the chair of the CMC.
  • informal charges that are based on personal knowledge of any person, which, if true, would indicate a possible violation by an individual certified by ASNT, submitted in writing to the chair of the CMC.

Data Required

The written information required for submittal by a complainant is as follows:

  • name, place of residence (address), and telephone number or email address of the person submitting the charges
  • name, place of residence (address) and ASNT Certification Services LLC certificate number (if available) of the person or persons being charged with the alleged violations
  • a clear and concise description of the issues of facts involved and allegation(s) raised
  • the relief being sought by the complainant within the authority of the Ethics Subcommittee.

Submittals should be addressed to:

ASNT CMC Ethics Subcommittee Chair
c/o Director of Certification
1201 Dublin Road
Suite #G04
Columbus, OH 43215