Certification Prep Courses

If you're preparing for ASNT NDT Level III Exams, then ASNT Certification Prep is designed for you.

The ASNT certification prep courses are for those who are currently Level II or III and are looking to become an ASNT Level III or to maintain their Level III status.  

ASNT Certification Services LLC (ASNT CS) does not endorse any source of education or training as a guarantee of success on the certification examinations and does not provide any advantage over other available training and education. Examination candidates qualifying through the eligibility criteria should be aware that a number of study aids are available as added preparation for ASNT CS certification exams. Candidates are not required to complete ASNT’s preparation education or training if a comparable alternative is available. No one source should be considered the only basis for exam preparation.

Self-study Materials

If Self-study is your path to certification whether it is NDT ASNT Level III or IRRSP, then ASNT’s bookstore offers study guides, question-and-answer books, training books, and handbooks that have the body of knowledge for you to be successful in seeking your credentials. Pick your NDT method and the reference material best suited for you.


Acoustic Emission Testing (NDT Only)

Electromagnetic Testing (NDT Only)

Infrared and Thermal Testing (NDT Only)

Leak Testing (NDT Only)

Liquid Penetrant Testing (NDT OR ACCP)

Magnetic Flux Leakage (NDT Only)

Magnetic Particle Testing (NDT OR ACCP)

Radiographic Testing (NDT OR ACCP)

Ultrasonic Testing (NDT OR ACCP)

Visual Testing (NDT OR ACCP)