ASNT NDT Level II Exam Preparation

ASNT members receive discounted prices on their certification application. To receive this discount, you must join/renew prior to beginning the application.

Join/Renew Membership


ASNT certificates expire on the last day of the month listed on the certificate. Applications must be submitted with payment before the expiration date to be considered.

All documentation can be attached and submitted digitally in the online application. It is imperative that you thoroughly review the qualifications for the certification and attach the appropriate verification forms. Scan original documents for upload. Print, manually complete, and scan additional forms for upload.

Renewal by Application

Requirement 1

Continued active employment in Level II, performing functions as related to the method(s) for which renewal is sought. Such employment must have covered at least 36 months during the valid certification period, but not necessarily 36 consecutive months. At least 12 of the 24 months immediately preceding the expiration of the certification must have been spent in Level II functions.

Requirement 2

Current mailing address. This ensures proper certification material delivery. (If you provide a non-US address in the online application, you may have the option for the National Sponsoring Organization in that region to receive your certification materials and then either hold for pickup or forward to your application address.)

Requirement 3

Candidates must agree to the following

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